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How should electric pruning shears be maintained?

Electric pruning shears are a kind of electric scissors for pruning branches. Because this kind of product is electric, it is very convenient for us garden workers to trim when they use it. It can be easily done without much effort. Cut the branches directly, because we all know that when the fruit trees are planted, some extra branches should be cut off, so as to leave some branches at the top, then the nutrition in the tree will develop well, then the fruit tree will grow It will be better, but after trimming the branches, how should the electric pruning shears be maintained?

Maintenance method of electric pruning shears:

1. Before charging every month, it is best to power off the electric scissors, pull the trigger for about 50 times and let it work normally for about 5 minutes.

2. When the electric pruning shears are used up, be sure to scrub the blade and body with alcohol to remove the wood chips.

3. Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the battery when it is not in the trimming period, and charge it once a month. Otherwise, battery life will be greatly reduced.

4. Put the electric pruning shears and the aluminum battery in a cool place, the temperature is preferably 25~30 degrees Celsius, to avoid the sun.

5. Electric scissors batteries are generally aluminum batteries. Let me tell you a secret: When the battery life is far from the new battery, you can wrap the battery in newspaper and put it in the refrigerator. You will find that the battery can last longer.
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